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Does this sound familiar?

"I have an inventory system with descriptions, sell prices and cost in it. I also have a word document that has some of our product listed that we print and correct all the time but it does not quite match the inventory system. I have a spreadsheet with some of our prices on it. Our computer system has lots of product pictures all through the hard drive."

ThisIsMe Web Solutions will arrange for one of our Business Consultants to come visit with you and assist you to build a "ONE PLACE" electronic catalogue that you will be able to put on a CD to give to your customers and or add it to a website so people can search for the items you can supply as well as access the latest information "online" on each of these items.

We will use your current logos, catalogues etc., as a starting point, but in many cases we often assist in re-branding a company where this may require change.

Our copy writers and graphic artists will alter material supplied to better fit the electronic medium.

Contact ThisIsMe Web Solutions NOW to arrange for a free, complimentary analysis of your current website.

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Responsive Web Design
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